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Entry Level and Intermediate

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Resumes can be challenging for most people, so do not feel inadequate because you can not write one. Between Soft and hard skill, keywords and ATS (applicant tracking systems) resumes today can become daunting.

Well I'm here with 20 years of experience to alleviate that mystery and challenge  and to create a perfect tailored resume and cover letter Just for YOU!.

Here are just a few of the things I offer at this time:

  • Cover letters
  • Resumes
  • Editing
  • References 
  • Simple websites for hobbies or small home businesses

If you would like to compare you're resume with a job posting you can follow this link to Jobscan.

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Why Us? Credible, Confident and Personable

Virtual Assistant Services
Cover Letters, Resumes, Editing etc.
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We offer competitive pricing:

Jump into a prospective job interview or a new job position with a brand new résumé and cover letter package for only $250... 

Or request an revamped version of an older résumé for just $150.

Payment is by e-transfer (preferred), PayPal, which is safe and secure or credit card through Wave 

Keyword Optimized - to get past Applicant Tracking Systems.

Formatted for success - to get attention from employers.

 Includes: 1 modern résumé and cover letter tailored to your needs or perhaps just an edited or updated version of an old worn out résumé. It's your choice! We edit to add current career information (so please include any changes in jobs, address etc.) . Plus we link your soft and hard skills with the skills required for a specific job using keywords (so please enclose the ad for job posting -if you have a particular position in mind).  

We also offer yearly updates for a minimal price, and free storage for 2 years. 

Turnaround time 48-72 hours for first draft

Express overnight or same day service available for an additional $30 .

A $25 fee will apply if you need help answering an ad. I will even send off your resume online myself.

Changes and updates until you are 100% happy 

Microsoft Word and Pdf formats utilized. 

E-mail us to get started

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What you get when you hire Virtual Cat...


What you get is not your typical résumé writer. You get someone who is  not just looking for great testimonials to help further their business on this page, but instead,  you get me, a personable, professional; a person who  shows that they genuinely care about their clients; such as if you get that desperately wanted interview, hearing about how that interview progressed, and most importantly did you get that job?

 It doesn't end with that résumé . Sometimes that's just the beginning! After all, references need to be written , and there is always new cover letters to match each new job that pops up, and even new keywords to come up with on updated resumes need a quick revamping for new positions with new skills. Plus there is simple coaching  that can be learned.

 I offer a special rapport with my clients that you don't often get with a professional service... but you get from me because I enjoy what I do and I’m only successful when you are successful!

Thank you to my loyal clients


 I'm very impressed with Virtual Cat. She did a great job on making me a resume and cover letter from scratch. She wasnt happy until I was happy with it. She goes above and beyond to make sure the resume actually works for its intended purpose.  Getting you the job! Her service got me the job I wanted and I couldnt be happier. I'd recommend Virtual Cat to anybody. 

Kyle Whiting 

Virtual Cat services waswas unbelievably helpful when I needed to update my resume. Not only was she knowledgeable in creating my resume she was also kind, respectful and very charismatic. In my opinion, Virtual Cat>s  skilllsin building resumes is par none GREAT!!!

Frank Surette

Great service best customer service always listen to you need make everything professional.   Rawan Palander


I contacted Virtual Cat to build my resume. I was very impressed how quickly I received a response. We worked together and Virtual Cat produced a great resume and great service. I would recommend to anyone building or needing help with their resume, contact Virtual Cat.

  Shane Mckenna 

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